Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuck in the house with a toddler!

We are in the middle of a Nor'Eastern here. It has been gloomy for the past 2 days. Overcast, wind howling, rain beating down. Miserable!
My daughter loves to be outside. She is perfectly happy running, finding bugs, digging in the dirt all day if I let her! Obviously not an option at the moment.
So, I have been met with the challenge of keeping an active toddler occupied in the house. Toys are not played with long. She can't sit and make pictures without drawing all over or eating the crayon.
So my over active child is now watching Handy Manny on Disney Channel.
I have my own challenges today. I want to fire up my sewing machine, but not sure what to make! I am in a creative mood, so we will see where it takes me!


  1. :-( Hope it blows over soon! Our weather keeps bouncing back and forth... and with living in an apt we don't get much outside time so understood on the cooped up part. It gets old fast...

    Good luck finding something to make!

  2. Btw you've been tagged/given a blog award... I know you haven't been on here long, but still :-)